Thursday, April 7, 2011


"I don't even think there is any centre in town anymore, and even though we are most often tucked away here, I love it. Dalkey is not on how to anywhere," Glynis showed me. "So we need to think about methods for getting people in!"
Dalkey does sport two galleries, a kitchen design store, an antique as well as nearly-new chic dress shop, a gewgaw as well as accessories shop, a juice bar, a tearoom and oodles upon oodles of restaurants, so if you felt like a light bit of shopping then a nice meal, it's the place to go.
Glynis Robins is a kind of bijou lifestyle boutique that contains Glynis's capsule collections of knitwear and clothes, her daughter Elva Robins's vibrantly-coloured Swarovski crystal jewellery designs along with the select variety of antique homewares sourced with the Dalkey Trading Company, which Glynis started with your ex pal Cathy White about 10 years ago.
"The shop is absolutely an absolutely personal selection," Glynis told me. "The clothes are not young or old. I aim to not ensure it is too expensive, but issues that are made in Ireland, especially hand-made in Ireland, will set you back. But many of the stock is one-off and extremely special."
It does not take kind of place where, in amongst Glynis clothes ranges, you should purchase themed notelets, diaries, antique French chandeliers, beaded handbags, antique silver cutlery, vintage kimonos, linen in addition to silk bedding, beauty ranges and candles by select French companies.
"There would be a time when design didn't feature in any way in people's minds, but that has all changed now," Glynis taught me even as we walked across the two floors ofthe shop.
Though We have always looked at Glynis as being a knitwear designer, she's in fact always done clothes too, as well as trained at the Grafton Academy. Her trademark look is definitely easy structure, a glance that's timeless yet very contemporary as well as, especially, all to easy to wear.
"I love clothes. I am totally obsessed with the whole lot. I love doing the vintage range," she tells me, laughing.
The vintage range is made up of elements of luxury from times past, for example antique lace pieces, silk kimonos and silk slips. Glynis often hand-dyes pieces, turning previously mundane undergarments into exquisite, dawn-coloured pieces with lush hand-beaded and embellished detail.
"I started the vintage range a couple of in years past, as I kept picking up equipment on trips in addition to doing things together. Before I knew it I had quite a bit." Glynis Robins's vintage range, many of which features on this page, also sells in Kalu.
Antique lace too can hit the dye pot and be changed into a skirt or even a panel within another garment. Along with Glynis's simple, berry-coloured cotton as well as linen knits, the appearance is exclusive, effortless and sumptuous. "I wear my own clothes but Also i wear other labels. I like berry colours, they're so rich. I have put cranberry, blackberry, damson with aubergine and raspberry. But I favor black, too. In the collection cream and black is very strong," Glynis informed me.
"Most modern women don't want the bother of dressing, but they like feminine clothes. I know of women wear these slip-dresses with jeans so chances are they are notso dressy-looking. It canbe casual."
 Glynis does a summer and a winter range, but then she enhances the ranges constantly. Glynis takes an impressive orders, where people require a different fit or maybe a modification for the special day. Industry experts her does she ever do bridal dresses, but she says that although she's got, sheprefers doing the bridesmaids as there is more room for manoeuvre and fewer stress! I could see her vintage slip-dresses making exquisite bridesmaid outfits. Glynis has been proven to customise the shoes to check the dresses!